Like most, I’ve been through my share of equipment. There’s so many good horn and mpc makers out there, lots of choice for everyone! I can very gladly say I’m extremely impressed and totally wrapped in the equipment Antonio makes at AR Resonance. I’ve been through every detail in depth with Antonio and the man is not only a sweetheart, but a quiet genius. For me, he gives the best of what technology has to offer, but also a very empathetic understanding of real world playing situations.

I’ve played on Suprema and Estrema horns both live and on recordings. I seem to have settled on the Feroce at the moment, but would be happy using any of these horns. We are all different, find what suits you, Feroce fits like a glove right now, so that’s what’s in my hands!

I play on a custom mouthpiece drawn up and made by Antonio. He has made a few options for me and I hover between V1 and V2. 42/10 is my favourite combination of throat and backbore and the one I always use.

I highly recommend talking to Antonio if you are searching or feel in need of better understanding of what he has to offer.